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Artist Spotlight: Darwin Price with Interviewer Charles Bookman Posted on 27 September 2004 - 9:28pm


Darwin Price is a well-known artist in the San Francisco Bay Area art scene. Often present in his work is the reconciliation of such dichotomies as good/evil, anima/animus, orange and green. In this interview, Mr. Price talks candidly about his work.


CB: What do you do for inspiration?

DP: Ronald Regan movies & Nitrous Oxide.


CB: What do you do when you're not creating?

DP: I have a day job.


CB: What makes someone a successful artist?

DP: They don't have a day job?


CB: How'd you know you were going to be an artist?

DP: Tea Leaves read by wandering Gypsies.


CB: What's your primary medium(s)? Why do you choose them as opposed to something else?

DP: For the last several years it's been using Oils because they are the preferred medium of nine out of ten dental hygienists.

CB: If you weren't an artist, what would you be?

DP: Its moot as everyone is an artist anyway.

CB: What words of advice would you give to up and coming artists?

DP: Ignore advice (including this).

CB: What three attributes would you give to a monster in order to destroy Japan?

DP: I'd make the monster Godzilla. Why? What can I say? I'm a Traditionalist.


CB: Were there any low points in your career?

DP:The time one of my bronzes was stolen from a gallery who subsequently chose to hide the fact from me.


CB: What did you learn from them?

DP: Always remember to make the sculpture too heavy to carry.

CB: Could you have avoided them?

DP: If I'd thought to low-jack it.

CB: Who's your favorite musicians?

DP: Scott Miller of Game Theory, Michael Hedges, Miles Davis, Nick Drake, Darol Anger, REM, Regina Carter, Itzhak Perlman, Yoyo Ma, and Robyn Hitchcock of course.

CB: Artists?

DP: Kent Williams, Lucian Freud, Robert Motherwell, Odd Nerdrum, Roy Lichtenstein, and Joseph Bueys (and that fucker who paints the ?happy little trees?).

CB: Writers?

DP: Rudy Rucker, Richard Dawkins, Robert Wright, Daniel Dennett, Phillip K. Dick, Douglas Adams, and Christopher Moore.

CB: If you could have any super power, what would it be?

DP: The power to affect political change with nothing but the naked power of my single vote.

CB: Why?

DP: Haven't you been reading the papers?

CB: What trends do you see emerging today in art?

DP: A lot of people are doing many things, which are artsy, artistic, artifice, artificial, and just plain art.

CB: What's your thoughts on them?

DP: Thinking about art can be like thinking about sex; it's a bit interesting, but at the end of the night you're still alone with mother thumb and her four daughters.

CB: What drug habit would you suggest to an upcoming artist?

DP: I'm told that Heroin is very chic.